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Bright and beautiful aircraft carrier of information of sincere building interme

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Area is ongoing classify
Hire valence
0 yuan / month
Situation bright and beautiful aircraft carrier of information of sincere building intermediary
Place village hires fine house to arrive bright and beautiful sincere property type is common the residence
Room 1 room 0 hall 1 defend head- - floor
Time of 0 ㎡ building decorates floor area circumstance clothbound
Infrastructure water and electricity
Traffic situation
User of news source individual
2008-10-27 15:2 of the date that register9:00 period of validity 5 days
Remarks registers information of the building that rent freely, bend force makes common people buy a room to make the same score a more high-quality goods Fang Yuanxin ceases to be clicked please bright and beautiful Www.jmszj.com102106 of net of sincere building intermediary edifice of 1000 happy event 5 buildings one hall smoke evacuation overspreads two rooms of 50 square month of 500/ of wired double bed, half an year pays fee 102107 macrocosm 2 buildings month of 35 square 400/ , half an year pays fee
Contact bright and beautiful center of sincere building information
Connect a telephone call 8202114, 15804545327
QQ 304257490

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