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Nursery school of exposed to the sun

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Area is ongoing classify
Hire valence
350 yuan / month
Nursery school of situation exposed to the sun
Place village examines more room source to click our website: property type is common the residence
Room 1 room 0 hall 1 defend head- - floor the 2nd
Time of 38 ㎡ building decorates floor area room of circumstance clear water
Infrastructure water and electricity
Traffic situation
Company of intermediary of news source house property
2008-10-27 14:1 of the date that register1:00 period of validity 5 days
Remarks 1160, nursery school of exposed to the sun: 2 buildings, 38 square metre, principal rooms, 1 house 1 hutch, closed circuit, bed, principal rooms, 350 yuan, half an year pays fee,
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