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Rich abundant street teachs 3 villages on

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Area always red classify
Hire valence
700 yuan / month
Street of situation rich abundant teachs 3 villages on
Report of place village crane type of 2 villages property is common the residence
Room 2 rooms 1 hall 1 defend head- - floor the 1st (in all 7)
Time of 80 ㎡ building decorated floor area 2000 circumstance brief outfit
Washing machine of refrigerator of furniture of water heater of infrastructure water and electricity
Traffic situation
User of news source individual
2008-10-27 14:3 of the date that register0:00 period of validity 20 days
The establishment inside remarks house is all ready, have a bed, shen garment machine (full automatic) , freezer, water heater, bath bully, furniture, cabinet is provided etc. Into door can enter. The hope hires a pair of young couples. Year hire 8400, not bargain.
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