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Boreal center garden

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Area is ongoing classify
Hire valence
550 yuan / month
Garden of situation north center
Property type is common the residence
Room 2 rooms 1 hall 1 defend head- - floor the 7th
Time of 80 ㎡ building decorates floor area circumstance brief outfit
Infrastructure water and electricity
Traffic situation guards nursery school of road exposed to the sun side alley closes beautiful information center on the west
Company of intermediary of news source house property
2008-10-27 12:2 of the date that register6:00 period of validity 90 days
Remarks 1262, boreal center garden: 7 buildings, 60 square metre, 2 rooms 1 hall, 550 yuan / month, principal rooms, ground change, floor tile, single double bed, TV ark, half an year pays fee, platoon,
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