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Studying overseas rental housing but also an honest election the most important

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One student alone outside, anything on your own dishes. All the necessary arrangements in their own affairs, the rent is a priority, students rent is the biggest daily expenses. From the start looking to sign the contract, students go through to find housing, pick the landlord, to see the house, sign a contract and many other aspects, in fact, each link has a stress, students need to know in advance. Availability: many newspaper Web sites cast a net London's major newspapers have a housing layout, information is very detailed, and internally similar, like classified ads are usually the same layout page, which lists the house by house lots of simple information, and some have photos. But newspapers are usually published in the availability of housing agency, you can contact the company and the intermediary, not directly linked to the landlord. Many online contact the landlord is also useless to stay in the 20 letters and phone Qiuzu have eighty-nine a response even if very good. In addition, Loot in London one of the most professional advertising sites, in addition to electrical, department stores, second hand cars and other goods transfer of information, rental information is also everything, just enter your zip code to rent a place, you can also choose a reasonable price you think the scope of the search engine will automatically eligible housing information listed. As an international student, you can also contact Housing Office and the school, ask for availability list. Because the school has the responsibility to solve the accommodation problem of all international students, if the application is less than a student dormitory, the school's student housing office will provide this list free of charge. Listed above, the specific location of the house, transportation, prices and other information. Some students are studying in the UK in the country to find rental information in the forum. Some students graduating or holiday, put them in the information posted on the BBS house, these houses are mostly winter and summer holidays due. Room: Fully equipped to facilitate life If you're from the school's Housing Office to the Housing List on looking for an apartment, your first step is to control subway map, the subway two stops near the school within the first lap out of the house, and then compare the rent. Principle is not included in the cost of gas under the conditions of water, some cheaper than the school dormitory. Final delineation of a dozen houses fit their conditions. Then call the landlord. Housing landlords on the list, the phone call, to show where you get rental housing information to the landlord that you are very interested to see, and the landlord agreed to meet last time, a very simple few words. Some landlord received a phone call to ask some specific situations, such as where you're from, where to learn, a total of a few people, and so on, honestly answer it. And the landlord made an appointment time, the next step is to agree on a meeting place. Best not to look at the house of a man, because a person's thinking is limited, more than two or three people called together to give you some advice. Remove personal preferences, but also the house is not double glazing, relatively cold outdoor winter UK, double glazing thermal performance is better; followed by the bath water is the gas or electricity, indoor furniture, electrical appliances are complete and so on.