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Zhengzhou low-rent housing units in 1792 pushed for 4 years one of the largest

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Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Zuo Tiancong and Zheng Zhoushi low-rent housing office was informed, Zhengzhou recently introduced low-cost housing units in 1792, ended Jan. 15 application. It is also far in 2006, Zhengzhou launched one of the largest houses. Zhengzhou City, low-rent housing office spokesman ZHU Guang Pu introduced in these houses have been delivered with a 1056 set of conditions in the construction of 736 housing units. Eligible members of the public can go to the office where the registration area of the low-rent housing, work to register the date of publication from the availability of the official start to the January 15 deadline. Zhengzhou, the public can log on the specific availability of real estate network ( to search. After registration, after examination and public announcement, on January 10 next year can be the election room. This reporter learned that low-rent housing application must be held in Zhengzhou City, the civil affairs department issued a "minimum living guarantee for urban residents Jinling evidence", or the issue of family income of urban residents is lower than the minimum living standard of 2.5 times (750 million) low-income families found proof.