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Support for public rental building policy needs to be "a force"

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Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Three ministries have jointly issued a document that allows low-cost housing throughout the year in the completion of support tasks under the premise of the net 10% of the land transfer, provision of low-cost domestic value-added fund Housing security funds, and special subsidies for low-rent housing guarantee for the development of public rental. (November 17, "Beijing News") This shows that have become the low-cost public rental housing, affordable housing, the increasing attention by the government The third category of affordable housing in the future will assume an important support tasks. Not long ago, the Ministry of Finance to the public rental tax cuts also proved this point. Protection of public rental housing and other major difference is that no household registration threshold, the range includes the supply of foreign workers. However, since the birth of public rental day, outside of basic rent to the public can not touch the door, the Are the preferred provider to the local population, to suspend the supply out to the population. Now, with public funding and tax cuts to support rent, the immigrant population is expected to step back to achieve housing dream. But I think that in order to support the current policy, public rental building is difficult to have a big breakthrough. Allow the land transfer because of the provident fund value-added benefits, housing allowances and low-cost funds to support construction of a public rental A premise that throughout the year to ensure that low-rent housing support tasks completed under the premise of the remaining funds be used for public rental construction, if able to fulfill the low-rent housing support tasks, everything becomes meaningless. According to the "Western Daily" reported this year, plans to start construction of Lanzhou City 4316 low-rent housing units to start construction in September only 254 units, equivalent to only a fraction. And this is clearly not only in Maryland. According to Reported in 2009, where low-cost housing construction less than half done, because the local financial situation is tense, lack of matching funds. The basic task of building low-cost housing can not be completed, how can there be money to support public rental ah! Bad money with low-rent housing in sharp contrast, repeated all over the land transfer revenue hit a new high. According to the data show that the first three quarters of this year, 30 cities in land transfer accumulated nearly 900 billion yuan, an increase of Qi Cheng. There are so many land revenue, why the difference between low-cost housing construction money? I think, first and foremost reason is that macroeconomic policies and regulations to support the land transfer fee is too low proportion of low-rent housing. Under these provisions, net of land transfer Income of not less than 10% of low-cost housing construction. Higher than 10% in some places, but most places in about 10%, 90% of the land transfer revenues for where I do not know, some places have been included in the budget --- two Years ago, should be included in the budget management of the land transfer, according to Audit Commission, over 60 billion of 10 provinces and cities in land transfer is not included in the budget, out of supervision by the NPC. View of the status of low-cost housing construction, bad money, has long been called for 50% or even 100% of the land revenue for low-cost housing construction, but did not cause the relevant departments attention. It stands to reason, resulting in high prices of housing, then the Government from the high Prices in the extraordinary benefits that should strongly inclined to protect the room, unfortunately, local governments benefit greatly from the high prices for low-cost housing does not pay much. Clearly, support for public rental building, policy needs to be "a force." There are two ideas, one to more than half of revenue from land sales for low-cost housing construction, rent would then be possible to squeeze more funds to the public; Second, land 30% of income for low-cost housing construction, a separate set aside specifically for public rental of 20%. In addition, the low-cost housing construction and performance link, while the construction of public rental also linked with the performance. In particular, have special funds to support public Rental building, not for the public to rent to "eat" low-rent housing the rest of the "residual soup leftovers."