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Haidian first 摇号 with rent protection of public rental housing at the same tim

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I learned from the Haidian district, the district will soon meet the low-rent housing organization, the fitness room, limit eligibility criteria of public rental housing and open 摇号 family. Did not shake in low-cost housing, and housing price by the appropriate family can also choose to rent the public to rent. It is understood that, at present, Beijing has low-cost housing security system, room, fitness room, and public rental housing prices 4. Haidian District, held at the same time protect the room Yaohao 4 placing (rent), which is the first time in the city. Haidian District, according to Housing Authority staff, the area of public rental with rent, primarily to solve in the years before the end of last year, approved by security room family housing. Haidian District, limit the lack of housing availability, not to be elected to the family room can be rented for public rental, the protection of their original house to retain qualified and will have additional protection if room availability, you can also rent out public application for the placing of other security room with rent. In addition, this is not a separate public rental 摇号 with rent, but as a low-rent rooms, fitness room, family room 摇号 limit, the increase in alternative ways. Following the third year in July, Haidian District, low-cost housing and real housing prices Yaohao placing sixth (rent), the October 11, Haidian District government website posted a new round of publicity registered security room Yaohao the registration deadline on October 25. It is understood that this kind of housing with low-cost rental housing to 3, a total of 430 units, respectively: 76 College Road, crossing six sets, 147 sets of Zhongguancun A 3 and 207 sets on the village B09 block. Haidian District, according to the relevant responsible person said, was built in Zhongguancun, support facilities were excellent, mainly because the family is a low-rent housing low-income families need the government to be in traffic and life will take care of. The placement of the availability of affordable housing a total of 3250 sets. Were: A block 680 sets of Su Jia Tuo, Su Jia Tuo C02, C03 block 2385 sets, and Su Jia Tuo A block houses and the remaining surplus land village houses 185 sets of B09. Availability of housing prices of goods mainly for small business, East Qinghe, spa C07, C08 block, C14 on the village land; public rental housing availability is mainly Su Jia Tuo C02, C03 Block 2 project. Need to prompt the purchase of the family is placing the rental housing with the majority of projects under construction, will eventually live in the planning or municipal housing construction commission approved subject to the notice. Placing the work with rent 摇号 will take "unified registration, unified 摇号, batches election room" approach. Shaking the family, such as low-rent kind of housing has been selected, affordable housing or housing price of goods shall not be selected again to participate in public rental housing, housing activity.