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Jiamusi implementation of low-rent housing subsidies to help low-income families

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Government add to the trouble to help you to buy a house. Best City in the implementation of low-rent housing subsidies total property development project, to move back to resettlement housing construction area of 60 sq m to move back to the housing difficulties of low-income families, can enjoy the low-rent housing subsidies for a total of property rights, government to help these low-income families to achieve dream stay at the new home of the wish.

Housing security in the Jiamusi City press office was informed, in order to solve the housing problems of low-income families, better protection of City currently take three methods, namely: the introduction of Shiwupeizu, rental subsidies given to housing for needy families, to move back to less than 60 square meters floor area of room Total property can enjoy low-rent housing subsidies. With the accelerated pace of the city, 2008,2009 two years, respectively, of the 27 best city residential development projects in the implementation of low-cost housing subsidies for a total of property rights. Residence during the move back to households at no extra pay housing rent, residential property in accordance with the normal pay the cost of the contract.

In the move back in to apply for subsidies for low-rent housing conditions are common property for the last year the city's per capita household income per capita disposable income of 70% or less, per capita living area of 18 square meters below the family holding the Office of the District Civil Affairs Bureau, or street proof of family income ; laid-off workers of the family, who "re-employment concession card" can be directly handled. After examination, the implementation of projects in a total of 27 subsidies per household property by 1.5 million; started projects after 2010, a total subsidy of property rights can get 20,000 yuan per household.

To facilitate the move back to family subsidies for low-rent housing total property procedures, the departments will jointly office, opened the green channel. District Civil Affairs Bureau is responsible for low-income applicants to conduct on-site signature certification; housing families move back to the Housing Office is responsible for security procedures for the review, the agreement is signed and funds released.

Move back to families to enjoy low-rent housing subsidies after the total property may at any time, apply for registration of property rights to the property within five years can not be traded, including sale, transfer, inheritance, donation and so on. Within five years there special reasons listed for trading, the municipal office responsible for determining the housing security guarantee families the ratio of the return of grant funds, be traded. Five years after listing, in accordance with relevant state regulations.