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The building rents a contract (brief edition)

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6. Party B enters this property to should maintain surroundings neat do work of guard against theft of good fire prevention, if produce accident Party B to should bear full responsibility;

7. Party B does not get do sth without authorization to change indoor structure, cherish use indoor facilities, be like what damage artificially to will offer Party A corresponding compensation; If produce natural damage, answer to inform Party A in time, cooperate Party A to give repair in time.

4, other did not use up matters concerned, just talk things over by Jia Yishuang solve, do not talk things over to press be dealt with about active code or refer concerned arbitration mechanism undertakes the arbitration.

This agreement one type triplet, armour, second is bilateral each hold, become effective goes namely after signing.

5, other explains:

(Be like: Into the number of word of coal of water and electricity when living. Into the number of word of coal of water and electricity when living..

Rental square: Bear hire square:

Connect a telephone call: Connect a telephone call:

Date of agreement period: Date

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