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The building rents a contract (commonly used edition)

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This contract reachs the matter that did not regulate in its accessory and compensatory agreement, all comply with People's Republic of China is carried out about law, code.

The settlement of the 19th controversy

This contract produces controversy in fulfill, talk things over by both sides of armour, second solve. When talking things over, both sides of armour, second agrees to refer commerce of China International economy to arbitrate committee Shenzhen branch arbitrates, arbitral adjudication is end, all have sanction to both sides.

Portion of the 20th contract is counted

Accessory of this contract along with in all ___ page, portion of one type ___ , armour, second is bilateral each hold, all have coequal effectiveness.

Party A (lot order) : ____________________ Party B (lot order) : ____________________

Accredit represents (sign) : ________________ accredit is represented (sign) __________________

________ year ______ month ______ day ________ year ______ month ______ day

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