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The building rents a contract (commonly used edition)

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Dozenth an agreement that terminates a contract because of Party B responsibility

Party B has one of following state, party A is terminable the contract calls in building, cause Party A loss, be in charge of compensating for by Party B:

1. General of do sth without authorization bear of the building relet that hire;

2. General of do sth without authorization bear the building that lease is made over, subtenancy other or exchange of do sth without authorization use;

3. Do sth without authorization is torn open change bear hire building construction or change bear hire building use;

4. Default hire accumulative total to amount to ____ month;

5. Use bear hire a building to undertake illegal an activity;

6. Intended attaint bear lease a building;

7. _____________________________ .

Thirteenth terminate a contract ahead of schedule

During renting, any one party claim the termination of a contract, need to shift to an earlier date _____ month is written announcement the other side, terminate a contract via after both sides talks things over, be being signed book, in terminate a contract before bookmark is ordered, this contract still effective.

Because of,be like element of national construction, force majeure or the condition that occurrence this contract sets the 10th times, when Party A must terminate a contract, should shift to an earlier date commonly _____ month of written announcement Party B. The pecuniary loss Party A of Party B does not grant to compensate.

The 14th registers the agreement that put on record

From this contract the sun of become effective rises _____ in a few days, both sides of armour, second holds this contract and concerned proof file to apply for to register to ______ put on record.

The 15th responsibility of breach of contract

During renting, both sides must abide by a contract, any one party violate the regulation of this contract, the _____% that must pay year rent to the other side by year serves as penalty due to breach of contract. Party B exceed the time limit not of consign hire, every exceed the time limit a day, the ____% Xiang Yi that Party A has authority to press lunar hire just is added receive fine for delaying payment.

The 16th force majeure

Because force majeure reason brings about this building,damage is mixed cause losing, bilateral each other does not assume responsibility.

The seventeenth other

This contract did not use up matters concerned, by both sides of armour, second separately agreed, sign compensatory agreement. Compensatory agreement and this contract are abhorrent, it is with compensatory agreement accurate.

Effectiveness of the 18th contract

The accessory of this contract all cannot break up one of parts for this contract. The character that part of the blank space inside this contract and its accessory fills in and presswork the character has coequal effectiveness.
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