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The building rents a contract (commonly used edition)

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Time of building of the 6th consign

The sun at this contract become effective rises Party A inside ____ day, deliver to this building Party B.

The 7th Party A is right the acceptance of property right

Party A assures to renting this building does not have property right dispute; Outside having an agreement additionally except compensatory agreement, about mortgage, mortgage debt, duty reach hire to wait, party A all is renting appropriate does before this building. After renting if have afore-mentioned not clear item, assume full responsibility by Party A, cause pecuniary loss to Party B from this, be in charge of compensating for by Party A.

Accomplishment of the 8th dimension protects responsibility

During renting, party A reachs his to the building 〔 of 〕 of month of 〔 of ____ of adherent establishment every other year 〕 examination, reparative, party B should grant to be assisted actively, do not get obstruct construction.

Fare of regular building heavy repair is assumed by Party A; Daily building maintenance just is assumed by ____ .

Because Party B management uses not to be pooh-poohed to cause a building to reach its to be linked together,the caustic of equipment becomes estranged upkeep costs, assume responsibility by Party B and recoup a loss.

During renting, before the door 3 bag, integrated processing and fire prevention safety, safety, guard wait for the job, party B should carry out place to set and assume total liability and obedient Party A to supervise an examination about the branch.

The 9th agrees with what change building structure about decorating

Party B does not get facilities of optional attaint building, if need to change the internal composition of the building and the equipment that decorate or install pair of building constructions to affect, need to be asked for Party A is writtenly first agree, investment provides for oneself by Party B. Retreat when hiring, divide outside having an agreement additionally, party A has authority to requirement Party B restores by original state or hand in place of Cheng of extensive go back to work to require cost to Party A.

The 10th concerned charge during be being rented about the building

During the building is rented, the following charge pays by Party B, undertake the responsibility of breach of contract of deferred payment by Party B:

1. Water, charge of electricity;

2. Gas cost;

3. The phone is expended;

4. Property administration fee;

5. ________________ ;

6. ________________ .

In rent period, if produce a government to collect this contract to did not list item of expenditure to look about the branch but with the fee that uses this building to concern, all pay by Party B.

Eleventh rent expire

Rent after expiring, this contract is stopped namely, at the appointed time Party B must return the house Party A. If Party B asks to continue to rent, must shift to an earlier date ____ lunar book faces Party A to put forward, party A is before termination of contract ____ lunar introversion Party B is formal rewrite, if agree to continue to rent, criterion add autograph rents a contract.
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