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Shanghai living building rents a contract

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When both sides of 11-5 armour, second is signing this contract, clear to respective right, compulsory, responsibility clear, wish to be carried out strictly by contract provision. If one party violates this contract, other one party has authority to find out responsibility of breach of contract by this contract regulation.

11-6 Party A contacts an address: ________________________ , postcode: _______;
Party B contacts an address: ________________________ , postcode: _______ . Both sides of armour, second narrates the other side to contact an address to mail with registered letter means ahead of legal copy clerk, regard law as writ namely had informed and service the other side.

Accessory of along with of 11-7 this contract one type ________ portion. Among them: Both sides of armour, second holds each, ________ [area] [county] estate trades center or farm bureau are accepted be in (deal with register put on record or after news account, accept central pass on by community general affairs) , and __________________________ each one, all have coequal effectiveness.

Additional provision


(Stickup place) (chapter of a junction of the edges of two sheets of paper increases lid point)

Party A (name) :         Party B (name or name) :

Party A [oneself] [legal representative] Party B [oneself] [legal representative]

Sign: Sign:

[entrust] [legal] agent signs: [entrust] [legal] agent signs:

Party A affix one's seal:           Party B affix one's seal:

Date: Date Date: Date

Autograph at:             Autograph at:


Broker orgnaization name:

Agent full name:

Agent hold industry letter date:


Management board of natural resources of Shanghai building land, Shanghai is versed in management board of commercial firm politics


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