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Shanghai living building rents a contract

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9-5 Party B was not asked for Party A is writtenly agree or exceed Party A written the limits that agree and requirement decorate a building to perhaps add accessary establishment, party A can ask Party B [reinstate building original state] [compensatory loss] .

During 9-6 is rented, be not the condition that this contract sets, do sth without authorization of Party B midway is retreated those who hire, the ________ that Party B should press the hire that cancels the number that hire a day ahead of schedule times pay penalty due to breach of contract to Party A. If inadequacy of penalty due to breach of contract touchs Fu Jia square losing, party B still should be in charge of compensating for. Party A can be touched from inside the bail that rent buckle. Bail inadequacy is touched buckle, skimpy share pays separately by Party B.

The 10th settles the way of controversy

10-1 this contract belongs to law of People's Republic of China, code administer.

Both sides of 10-2 armour, second is like in performing this contract procedure produce controversy, should talk things over solve; Negotiate those who do not solve, both sides agrees to choose following ____ plants means solves:

(One) refer Shanghai to arbitrate committee arbitrates;

(2) sue to people court lawfully.

Eleventh other item

During 11-1 is rented, party A requires pledge this building, ought to written inform Party B, and agreement of the party after to Party B acceptance this building mortgages with convert into money, sell off means punish the ______ before this building written consult Party B buys day the opinion of this building.

11-2 this contract from both sides [signature day] [day of the ____ after signing] become effective. Bilateral agreement, from the contract the sun of become effective rises ____ in a few days, by the regulation collective to building seat street, town (countryside) community general affairs accepts a center to deal with register put on record, the contract of the building that get that rent is registered put on record proof. Because Party A exceed the time limit was not dealt with jointly with Party B,register put on record influence Party B is dealt with live register, party B can handle account of the news that rent alone by the regulation.

After 11-3 this contract puts on record via registering, every change, terminate this contract, both sides should press a regulation seasonable Xiang Yuan accepts an orgnaization to deal with change, stop register put on record formalities. Because Party A was not dealt with jointly with Party B,register put on record or change, stop register put on record, the legal issue that poses, assume all responsibility by Party A.

11-4 this contract did not use up matters concerned, both sides of classics armour, second talks things over consistent, can conclude additional provision. Additional provision is this contract this contract is impartible cut one share, the character that part of the blank space inside this contract and its complement clause fills in and letterpress printing character have coequal effectiveness.
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