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Shanghai living building rents a contract

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5-4 Party B needs additionally to decorate or add accessary establishment and equipment, should ask for beforehand those who get Party A is written agree, examine and approve to concerned branch by the regulation, still answer by [Party A] [Party A entrusts Party B] after the newspaper is approved about the branch, fangke undertakes. The accessary establishment that Party B adds and equipment are attributive reach its to maintain responsibility to be agreed by face of other running hand of both sides of armour, second.

The 6th building returns the condition when returning

6-1 agrees with Party B relet except Party A outside, party B should be in the lease of this contract [the day of at the expiration of one's term of office] [inside day of the _____ after at the expiration of one's term of office] return return this house, agree with exceed the time limit to return those who return a house without Party A, every exceed the time limit a day, party B should be pressed (______ money) ______ yuan / square metre [floor area] [usable floor area] the use cost during paying this building to take up to Party A.

6-2 Party B is returned return this building to ought to accord with the condition after be being used normally. Return when returning, should check and accept via Party A approbate, the cost that mutual settle ought to bear severally.

The 7th relet, make over and exchange

7-1 is rented period inside, party B gives another person this building part or all relet, must ask for beforehand those who get Party A is written agree. But same a living building, must not break up relet. Party B relet this building should with accept relet to just conclude written relet contract.

7-2 is rented period inside, party B transfers this building another person bear hire or with other bear the building that lease has trade, must ask for Party A is writtenly beforehand agree. After make over or be being exchanged, this building bear the alienee that hires advantageous position or commutative person should sign the main body that rent to change a contract to continue to fulfil this contract with Party A.

The 8th removes the condition of this contract

Both sides of 8-1 armour, second agrees to be in rent period inside, those who have one of following state, this contract is stopped, bilateral each other does not assume responsibility:

(One) this building takes up the land access inside limits calls in ahead of schedule lawfully;

(2) this building because the society is communal interest by lawfully of commandeer;

(3) this building needs to be included a building to tear open change to permit range lawfully because of urban construction;

(4) this building causes damage because of force majeure during rent, destroy break;

(5) Party A already informed Party B before this building is rental already set guaranty is likely at leasing time inside by punish, now by punish.
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