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Shanghai living building rents a contract

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The 3rd hire, terms of payment and deadline

Both sides of 3-1 armour, second agrees, this building is daily every square metre [floor area] [usable floor area] hire is (_____ money) ______ yuan. Lunar hire tot (_____ money) _______ yuan. (Great: ___ of hundred of ___ of thousand of 10 thousand ___ picks up ____ ___ yuan ___ horn is rectified) . Afore-mentioned rental are fixed inside the deadline that rent, if need to change, answer to talk things over afresh by both sides of armour, second, reach written agreement.

3-2 Party B should at [every months of ____ a few days ago] [_____________ ] pay rent to Party A. Exceed the time limit pays, exceed the time limit a day, criterion the ____ % that Party B needs to press day of hire pays penalty due to breach of contract.

3-3 Party B pays the way of hire: ___________________________________________________ .

The 4th bail and other charge

Both sides of 4-1 armour, second agrees, party A consign when this building, party B should pay a building to rent bail to Party A, bail is _____ lunar hire, namely (______ money) ___________ yuan. After bail collection, party A should open gathering proof to Party B.

When the relation that rent is stopped, outside the cost that the building of Party A collection hires bail to be assumed by Party B except agreement of contract of take out of in order to, odd part is not had breath remand Party B.

During 4-2 is rented, charge of the water that uses this building place to happen, report, coal, communication, air conditioning, cable television, _______ , _______ by [Party A] [Party B] assume.

Outside eliminating afore-mentioned cost, other charge all is assumed by another.

The 5th building uses requirement and maintenance liability

During 5-1 is rented, party B should reasonable use and cherish this building to reach its accessary establishment, discover this building reachs his when accessary establishment has attaint or trouble, answer to inform Party A of in time repair; Party A should undertake maintaining inside the _____ day after receiving Party B to inform. Among them, because Party B is used undeserved or unreasonable use, cause this building to reach its to accessary establishment damages or malfunction, party B should be in charge of maintaining.

The money before 5-2 basis agrees, should be maintained by Party A and exceed the time limit does not maintain, party B can be maintained for you, charge is assumed by Party A; Should be in charge of maintaining by Party B and refus does not maintain, party A can be maintained for you, charge is assumed by Party B.

During 5-3 is rented, party A makes sure this building reachs his accessary establishment is in can use the position with safety normally. Party A undertakes examination, conserve to this building, should shift to an earlier date ______ day informs Party B. When checking conserve, party B should give cooperate.
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