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The building rents a contract (national edition)

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Department of contract of economy of industrial and commercial management board promulgates the country

Rental square:
Bear hire square:

Basis " contract law of economy of People's Republic of China " reach concerned regulation, rent to make clear square with bear hire square right obligation to concern, classics both sides talks things over consistent, sign this contract.

The first building reposes, quality of number, area, building

The 2nd leases time
Rent period in all _____ year 0 ___ month, rental square from _____ year sun of ___ month ___ has delivery of will rental building bear hire just use, to _____ year day of ___ month ___ calls in.
Tenant has one of following state, lessor can terminate a contract, call in building:
1, tenant do sth without authorization building relet, make over or of subtenancy;
2, tenant is used bear hire a building to have illegal activity, those who harm public interest;
3, tenant defaults hire accumulative total to amount to ____ of the month.
When because expire,the contract that rent is like and be being stopped, if tenant expires to cannot find a house really, lessor ought to take into consideration the circumstances extends the deadline that rent.
Be like bear hire square exceed the time limit not to remove, rental Fang Youquan is sued to people court and apply for to carry out, rental just be sufferred lose accordingly by bear hire square responsible compensation.
After termination of contract, if rent,still just continue to rent of the building, bear hire just enjoy lien.

Of the 3rd hire and hire pay time
The standard of hire and pay time, the regulation that presses national _____________________ is carried out (did not consolidate a regulation like the country, this by rental just mix bear hire just talk things over affirmatory, but do not get aleatoric drive up) .

The building is reparative during the 4th is rented
Reparative building is the obligation of lessor. Lessor reachs its equipment to answer to the building month of every other ___ (or year) serious examination, reparative, with ensuring tenant to live safety is mixed use normally.
When lessor maintains a building, tenant should be assisted actively, do not get obstruct construction. If lessor is really faint reparative, can talk things over with tenant close long, at the appointed time the reparative fee that tenant pays namely in order to is filled touch hire or by lessor amortize.

The 5th rents square with bear hire square change
1, when if rent,just giving tripartite move of house property droit, the contract is possessory to new house property continue effective.
2, lessor sells a house, tenant must inform before 3 months. Below coequal condition, tenant has preferential buy right.
3, when tenant need and housing of exchange of the 3rd person, answer to be asked for so that lessor agrees beforehand; Lessor ought to support the reasonable demand of tenant.
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