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Building bear hire example of between two parties contract

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Eleventh the settlement of contract dispute method
This contract the controversy that next happening, talk things over by bilateral party or apply for to mediate; Talk things over or mediate those who do not solve, press list ___ to plant means solves (the following two kinds of means can choose a kind only) :
(one) committee of submission to arbitration is arbitral;
(2) lawfully to jurisdictional people court is sued.

Dozenth an other agreement item

Thirteenth this contract one type 2, jiayi is bilateral each hold. Classics both sides signs effect of have a youthful look of affix one's seal.

The 14th adds up to same classics become effective, have legal sanction to both sides namely. Both sides agrees to be able to undertake modificatory to contract content or make additional provision to using up item via talking things over. Change or additional provision ought to take written form, have coequal effectiveness with this contract.

Clausal agreement is made below the premise that does not violate state law, code and local statute related the 15th this contract, etc of the aptitude of if state law, code and local laws and regulations are right client, between two parties person and lessor, qualification has special provision about the respect, set from its.
Client (chapter: ) between two parties person of   of   of       (chapter) :
Abode: Abode:
Id date: Legal representative:
Legal representative: Business license number:
Business license number: The autograph makes an appointment with a delegate:
Attorney: Book number of card of aptitude of estate broker orgnaization piles up:
Phone: Phone:
Fax: Fax:
Zip code; Zip code:
The contract signs time: The contract signs time:
The contract signs a place: The contract signs a place:

Service instruction:
1, " the building rents a contract " , " building bear hire between two parties contract " recommend text to entrust Beijing to collect protocol of beautiful attorney office for Chinese consumer society, to suggest to use.
2, every acceptance is used " the building rents a contract " , " building bear hire between two parties contract " the operator that recommends text, accountability should the requirement of consumer is used.
3, in choosing “ controversy to settle ” way, submit to to arbitrate when means, should fill in the legal name that chooses arbitral orgnaization.
4, " the building rents a contract " , " building bear hire between two parties contract " in recommending text relevant provision, below the premise that accords with state law regulation, consider the legitimate rights and interests of consumer and operator both sides, union needs actually to may be made revise.

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