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Building bear hire example of between two parties contract

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The 5th Party B is compulsory
(one) should show letter of intelligence of orgnaization of broker of business charter, estate to wait for lawful management qualification proof;
(2) the commission that should endeavor to finish Party A item, the requirement that according to this contract the first Party A raises searchs a house for Party A, processing the circumstance is reported in time according to the facts to Party A, look for Party A room and sign a building to rent a contract to provide contact, assistance with lessor, match wait for a service, facilitate the building of Party A and lessor rents a contract to hold water;
(3) the building material that should assure to be offerred for Party A has been checked beforehand, the special requirement that and Party A satisfies lessor raises asks;
(4) must not provide false information, hide important fact or collude with with other ill will, harm Party A interest;
(5) wait for hugger-mugger secretly to information of the economic condition of Party A, individual, commerce;
(6) the lessor that should assure to be Party A introduction has building droit letter or the identity qualification such as the other proof of rental to renting the building is enjoyed lawfully right and Id, business charter proves; Make sure rental building property right is clear, nonexistent fee issue is other perhaps right dispute;
(7) collection sees cost of room cost, commission, between two parties activity, should open lawful, standard to Party A collect fees bill;
(8) after this contract is signed, party B is not gotten to Party A collection with any forms any renown purposes collect fee beforehand.

The 6th entrust item finish
“ is finished entrusting item ” is to show the first place lists this contract that finish to entrust item entirely. Party A and lessor did not sign the written contract that rent, party B provides information for Party A only, or provide contact, assistance to Party A sees a room and sign a building to rent a contract with lessor, match those who wait for a service, all regard as entrust item half-baked.

The 7th charge and commission
(one) cost seeing a room
Cost seeing a room is to show Party B accompanies Party A to see the cost that the room produces actually to building site.
Charge seeing a room is assumed by Party A. Charge seeing a room is: Every time ____ yuan. Party A is OK one-time hand in _____ of charge seeing a room yuan, can see room _____ second.
Party B finishs those who entrust item, the fee seeing a room that Party A pays expends instead commission.
(2) commission
Commission is to show Party B achieves reward of the due after entrusting item.
Party B finishs those who entrust item, party A just should pay middleman's fee according to the ___% Xiang Yi of effective month hire.
Commission should sign a building to rent contract hind to pay in a few days in Party A and lessor.
The terms of payment of commission: Cash □ ; Check □ ; ____ .
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