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Business extends the contract that rent

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Party A is in rent period inside:
(1) to this contract the establishment inside conventional period undertakes maintenance, include;
(2) the safety of the edifice that belongs to to this rental room place or village and government are responsible;
(3) the structural sex maintenance of the responsible building that rent.
(4) Party A makes sure Party B is in this contract period inside manage legally do not suffer interference.

The 7th termination of contract, if the renting building of Party A needs to continue to rent, below the identical requirement that raises to tripartite in Party A, party B enjoys lien (but hire can change along with social price index and adjust appropriately) .

During the 8th is rented, if Party B is brought about because of the natural disaster of force majeure,cannot use the building that rent, party B needs instantly written announcement Party A. If both sides agrees to because the natural disaster of force majeure is brought about,lease a building,mar cannot repair is used, this contract can be stopped naturally, each other does not assume responsibility, party A beard does not have all cash pledge and imprest hire breath return Party B.

The amount of all of the interior electric equipment that the 9th Party A provides, home, model and the level that decorate, think to allow truly with accessory.

If the 10th this contract has endless matters concerned, beard classics both sides negotiates additional provision, additional provision and contract have coequal effectiveness.
This contract is carried out in if produce issue, just should talk things over through Jia Yishuang solve, do not talk things over, can submit to local industrial and commercial management department or people court ruling.
This contract signs effect of chapter have a youthful look through bilateral delegate. This contract original in duplicate, armour, second is bilateral each hold.

Rental square: Bear hire square:
Legal representative affix one's seal: Legal representative affix one's seal:

Date date

Business spreads rental contract accessory

Party A offers furniture and electric equipment to be as follows for Party B:
Electric equipment kind:
Air-conditioner __ stage, (model: )
Freezer ___ stage, (model: )
Stage of ___ of colour television machine, (model: )
Stage of washing machine ____ , (model: )
Stage of ___ of electric water heater, (model: )
Take stand of lampblack machine ___ , (model: )
Stage of gas furnace ____ , (model: )
Furniture kind:
Bed ____ piece, (among them, double bed piece; Single bed piece; Fluctuation bed piece)
Desk ____ piece, (specific condition)
Sofa ____ covers __ piece, (specific condition)
Tea table ___ piece, (specific condition)
Mensal ___ piece, specific condition)
Eat chair ___ piece, (specific condition)

Both sides signs affirm:
Party A member as of right: Party B member as of right:
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