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Business extends the contract that rent

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During 2. is rented, if Party B is about to use relet of the building that rent to tripartite, must ask for beforehand those who get Party A is written agree. Obtain the tripartite of use to make this contract namely of course Party B, enjoy the right of former Party B, assume the obligation of Party B.

The duty of the 6th Party B:
1.Party B must according to it charge of pay hire etc, if without reason is defaulted, party A has Quan Xiangyi to just be added receive fine for delaying payment, fine for delaying payment is solid owe hire % . If default hire day, count beak a contract, party A has authority to call in building, do not return Party B deposit.
2.Both sides of armour, second is before contract termination, must shift to an earlier date a month is written whether does announcement the other side terminate a contract.
3.Party B is in during renting, must with reasonable be on guard measure, protection is rented period inside the in good condition nondestructive of equipment and establishment (natural depreciation except) , party B does not get do sth without authorization to change the structure of the building that rent and use, if need to change use truly, need to agree via Party A rear can undertake. Party B causes the damage of the building that rent and its equipment, should be in charge of restorable. If Party B is in,rent expire to not be in charge of restorable, party A has authority proper motion restorable, charge is deducted from inside Party B cash pledge.
4.If Party B exceeds any equipment of ammeter bear, instrument or machine in the installation inside the building that rent, must ask for so that Party A agrees, assist Party B to deal with relevant formalities by Party A, charge provides for oneself by Party B. Without the accident that Party A agrees and produces because of dealing with relevant formalities or amerce, provide for oneself by Party B.
5. Party B must not add outside the building that rent any thing or besmear brush any paint or make any changing.
6.Rent expire or the contract removes, party B must will rent all nondestructive bad equipment inside the building, establishment to be below the cleanness that uses aptly, favorable situation on time (natural depreciation except) give Party A.
7. is rented expire or after the contract removes, party B exceed the time limit does not remove, party A has right from had removed the article of the Party B of building lieutenant general of the relation that rent is moved, do not assume custodial obligation. Party A has authority to ask Party B recoups the cost of because of this generation, have the law that authority appeals to.
8. Party B assures bear the building that leases Party A serves as business the room is used, abide by code of People's Republic of China and government relevant provision, manage legally. Because Party B violates the implicative loss that manage and causes to Party A, be in charge of compensating for by Party B.
9.The relevant data original that armour direction Party B shows rental house and the photocopy that agree to Party B and original. Droit of the property right card that includes rental building, building the person's Id and rental licence. If any tripartite holds the right to rental building, make Party B cannot use the building that rent, party A should recoup all losses of incur of Party B place.
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