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Example of building relet contract

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6-4 is during relet, lessor need undertakes rebuilding to this building, extend or decorate, party A has the obligation that tells Party B. Specific arrangements can be decided separately in the clause by both sides of armour, second.
6-5 Party B needs to decorate a building to perhaps add accessary establishment and equipment, must inform Party A beforehand, the agreement that presses the contract that rent by Party A is asked for those who get letter is written agree, should sign up for approve of classics concerned department by what the regulation needs to be examined and approve via concerning a section rear can undertake.

7, the building returns the condition when returning
7-1 agrees with Party B relet except Party A outside, Party B should be in a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of _ _ day after the lease at the expiration of one's term of office of this contract is returned return this house, agree with exceed the time limit to return those who return a house without Party A, every exceed the time limit a day, party B should be pressed (_ _ money) _ of _ _ _ yuan / square metre pays this building to take up to Party A use cost.
7-2 Party B is returned by this contract agreement when returning this house, should check and accept via Party A approbate, the charge with mutual respective settle, just can deal with retreat hire formalities.

8, relet, make over and exchange
8-1 is during relet, party B again relet building is needed beforehand written announcement Party A, the agreement that presses the contract that rent by Party A is asked for those who get letter is written agree.
Party A of 8-2 second direction is affirmatory, during relet not this building bear hire authority transfers another person or with other bear the building exchange that hire is used.

9, remove the byelaw of this contract
9-1 is during relet, the contract that rent is removed, this contract also is stopped subsequently, because this contract is stopped,make Party B suffers losing, the _ _ that Party A should press lunar hire times pay penalty due to breach of contract to Party B. Like disbursement penalty due to breach of contract inadequacy touchs Fu Yi square losing, party A still should be in charge of compensating for. But following case except:
(One) this building takes up the land access of limits calls in ahead of schedule lawfully;
(2) this building because public interest or urban construction need the society by lawfully of commandeer perhaps tear open change.
(3) this building damage, destroy break or be by appraisal of dangerous building; (4) Party A already was informed before this building is rental already set guaranty, now by punish.
Both sides of 9-2 armour, second agrees, those who have one of following state, announcement of one Fang Keshu face removes another times this contract. One of breach of contract, should press _ of _ of lunar hire _ to another times pay penalty due to breach of contract; Cause losing to the other side, inadequacy of disbursement penalty due to breach of contract is touched pay one party losing, return the balance share that should compensate for the loss that cause and penalty due to breach of contract.
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