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Apartment hires contract model

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Building of Shanghai diplomacy personnel serves a company (Party A of the following abbreviation) from _ of _ _ _ year since day of _ of _ of _ _ month, unit of _ of _ of _ of building of _ of _ of apartment of personnel of diplomacy of _ of _ of _ of _ _ _ _ of _ of _ of apartment of date of _ _ _ is covered hire country of _ _ _ to be stationed in China embassy (Party B of the following abbreviation) those who make the residence with. If building construction, device or equipment have drawback,bear cost by Party A.

Bilateral at present concludes the contract that rent is as follows:

The first

From this contract the sun of become effective rises, party B must advance by the quarter hire (foreign currency check) dollar of _ of _ _ _ (or other foreign currency, or _ of _ of _ of foreign exchange certificate yuan) . Party B receives Party A close after hiring requisition, should be in inside 30 days paid. Exceed the time limit must pay _ of thousand _ _ the overdue fine of _ by day, in order to compensate the loss that Party A place suffers.

Armour root occupies the scope that reparative expenses rises Beijing area prices and building, can be opposite Party B bear the apartment hire that hire undertakes adjustment, but should shift to an earlier date 3 months inform Party B.

The 2nd

Party A is in charge of Xiang Yi square bear the building that lease is offerred water, report, gas with heating power. Party B must pay charge of electricity and gas fee by appearance data capture. Because Party A is right Party B bear the building facilities maintenance that hire is not seasonable, the supply that causes water, report and heating power is interrupted, party A reduces use one's discretion collect corresponding fee.

The 3rd

Party A has regular examination to rental building, be in charge of the free maintenance of following and natural loss:
1 . Housetop leakage rain, floor flooey decayed;
2. Of window screening of fittings of door window hardware, door repair and update;
3. Conduit jams, slack, chew of valve, water and cistern spare parts are out of order, of fluctuation water pipeline, radiator and spare parts, sanitary equipment repair and change;
4. Of lamp mouth, electrical outlet, switch and electrical wiring repair and change;
5. The stucco of public corridor, first every are biennial, 2 above every 3 years;
6. Of elevator breakdown eliminate in time and be opposite the person safety of the member that multiply is safe.
Party B should will bear the circumstance of the apartment that rent and equipment breakdown informs Party A in time, party A should be repaired as soon as possible after receiving an announcement, party A fails to be repaired in time, party B can be repaired by oneself, repair charge to be assumed by Party A.

The 4th

Before Party A undertakes examination, maintenance to hack apartment, be recruited gets Party B to agree, party B should give necessary convenience and hand. If encounter housing happening flood, many run gas and water, flat, below the critical condition that Party A cannot notice Party B in time, party A is accessibility Party B residence deals with.
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