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The building rents a contract (brief edition)

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Rental square (Party A of the following abbreviation) Id address, number:
Bear hire square (Party B of the following abbreviation) Id address, number:

Both sides of armour, second is passed friendly talk things over, with respect to the building the matters concerned that rent comes to an agreement as follows:

One, the place that rent and establishment:

1. rents an address: Road     gets room of   of   of     date;   of   of   of room norms   ; Rice of   of   of living space square;

2. is indoor and accessary establishment:

A: Electric equipment: VCD of acoustics of ceiling fan of microwave oven of washing machine of color television of freezer of phone bath air conditioning

B: Domestic all:   

2, hire deadline and its agreement:

1. hire deadline: Party A agrees with   of   of Party B hire year;     date reachs since     date oneself;

2. building hire:   of   of   of   of   of every months of   yuan RMB;

3. payment:   of   of the   that press   pays, pay   of   of cash pledge   additionally   yuan, hire a room to stop, party A is checked and accept without by accident hind, return deposit Party B, not plan accrual.

Pay for the first time   of   of   of   of   of   of   of plan     yuan RMB;

4. is rented period cost of the water inside, report, gas, phone, cable television, wholesome public security pays by Party B, property management, the building is reparative wait for charge to pay by Party A;

5. hire period inside, the Party A that Party B has one of following state can terminate a contract, call in building access, Party B needs to carry total liability, recoup Party A loss.

(Do sth without authorization of 1) Party B building relet, make over or of subtenancy;

(2) Party B is used bear hire a building to undertake illegal activity harms public interest;

(Without reason of 3) Party B defaults building hire to amount to   day;

(4) is successive 3 months do not pay holding cost.

3, bilateral responsibility and obligation:

1. Party B must pay the fee such as water, report, coal, phone on time, give Party A single cross of above charge credit without fail, party A must control examination above cost;

2. no matter for love or money, party B cannot be cash pledge changeover building hire;

3. is inside hire period, party A must ensure of Party B live normally, do not get the building relet Party B hire (sell) to any a third party; Or in rent period inside chummage increases price;

After 4. hire expires, if Party B needs to continue to use, should shift to an earlier date a month puts forward, party A but according to actual condition, give below coequal condition preferential;

5. is in rent period inside, if both sides of armour, second has one party to special situation needs to remove of the agreement, must shift to an earlier date a month informs each other, this agreement removes after talking things over;
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