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Example of building relet contract

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Party of contract both sides:   

Relet square (Party A) :   

Suffer relet square (Party B) :

Basis " contract law of People's Republic of China " , " Shanghai building rents byelaw " regulation, both sides of armour, second is on the foundation of equal, freewill, fairness and honest credence, agree via talking things over, with respect to Party A its lawfully bear the building relet that hire is used to Party B, accrual, pay the matters concerned such as hire by second direction Party A, conclude this contract.

One, the circumstance of relet building
1-1 Party A lawfully bear hire repose at _ of _ _ _ (classify / county) _ of _ of _ of _ of road of _ of _ _ _ is done (new residential quarter) the _ of _ _ _ of room of _ of _ of _ _ date (communal live / blame is communal live) building already (written, by Party A general afore-mentioned bear hire _ of _ of building _ _ (all / part) namely room of _ of _ of _ _ date (the following abbreviation this building) relet gives Party B. The square metre of _ of _ of _ of floor area _ of this building. This building plan sees this contract accessory (one) .
Of 1-2 this building common or the requirement of the scope of application of contract place, condition; Existing decorate, accessary establishment and equipment state, be in by both sides of armour, second this contract accessory (2) , (3) in give clear. Both sides of armour, second agrees with accessory (2) , (3) as consign of armour direction Party B this building and Party B are in this contract relet expires to Party A reassign when this building check and accept a basis.

2, the utility that rent
2-1 Party A already showed _ of _ of _ of this building _ to Party B (the contract that rent is registered put on record proof / card of rent of hire public house) (_ of _ of number _ _ ) . The utility of this building is _ of _ _ _ , party B acceptance presses _ of _ _ _ (the contract that rent is registered put on record proof / proof of hire public house) be carried bright utility uses this building.
2-2 Party B assures, during relet not beforehand written announcement Party A, what obtain letter by the agreement of the contract that rent by Party A is written agree and before by the regulation newspaper classics concerns sectional approve, not do sth without authorization changes this building to use utility.

3, relet deadline and due date
Both sides of 3-1 armour, second agrees, party A at _ _ year day of _ of _ of _ _ month is forward Party B consign this building. Relet period is _ _ month. From _ _ year _ _ comes since day of _ of _ of _ _ month year day of _ of _ of _ _ month stops. Party A makes sure this relet deadline did not exceed _ of _ _ _ (the contract that rent / contract of a relet) lease.
3-2 relet expires, party A has authority to call in this building, party B should be returned as scheduled still. Inside the deadline that agrees in the contract that rent, party B needs to continue bear lease this building, should hire at turning period _ of the _ before at the expiration of one's term of office the month puts forward relet to Party A written requirement, via relet contract is being signed afresh after Party A agrees.
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