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Is the building rental what requirement should have?

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Concern a provision according to the country, the building is rental ought to have the following requirement:
① has legal property right papers;
② shares property right, need the proof that refers mutual person to agree;
③ general residence or other change to manage the hack that use a room with the room, should refer program and the proof that the room provides a branch to agree;
When ④ provides the room the branch to be in charge of the field inside public house to rent continuously, should refer classics room to provide the proof that the branch agrees with;
⑤ building can be used normally, do not belong to dangerous building.

The building of 8 kinds of circumstances forbids to rent under:
① every builds the house, in reach without the country is checked and accept integratedly about the branch and was not being taken carry out or the building of the licence that rent forbid to rent. Property right card is building right belongs to only credentials, do not have “ building property the building of card ” forbids to rent.
② property right belongs to the building with 2 people mutual above, in mutual person opinion abhorrent with property right authority belongs to open to question circumstance to fall, forbid to rent.
③ was not signed written " the building rents a contract " (the right obligation of the utility that rent a house, lease, hire, both sides that rent and responsibility of breach of contract) and did not deal with a building to rent register put on record the building of formalities forbids to rent.
The public house that ④ tenant stays in to run a department with the room or it is other enterprise or business unit ″ forbids from the building of ″ tubal a room relet, rental.
⑤ agrees without original letter, tenant lives now all or it is partial building forbids to rent.
The building that ⑥ has mortgaged, in what did not get hypothec person before agreeing, forbid to rent.
The violate the rules and regulations that ⑦ approves without national program branch is built or be the ″ that privately builds ″ of the room that do not have card forbids to rent.
The shabby house that ⑧ has collapse risk or it is provisionality building forbids to rent.

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