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The girl that rent a house chops a mother again incendiary conflagration mirrors

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On April 17 before dawn, hangzhou bank river produces calamity of one on fire, two rental rooms by burn down, do not have personal casualty fortunately. Subsequently investigation makes clear: This is factitious and incendiary case, the suspect is girl of 21 years old small orchid (alias) .

The policeman investigates discovery, because the mother disrelishs small Lan Xi,too much hot water was used when gargle, two people produced conflict, subsequently, small orchid took a knife to chop a mother, return light the dress, cause be on fire then.

Case reviewing

Late night, brawl of mother and daughter is ceaseless

“ caught fire! Caught fire! ”4 month 17 days of before dawn, area of Hangzhou bank river promotes the dweller near the garden to cry anxiously on the west. Fireman put out the conflagration of two rental rooms quickly, the person causes hold fire very quickly to set fire. Among them a rental chummage is living 3 people of mother and daughter. Somebody sees, mother and young daughter go to a hospital after in the middle of the night hurriedly, big daughter left only in the room small orchid (alias) . Ke Xiaolan is absent the spot. Landlord still says, ever heard that evening intense hubbub …… was given out inside rental room

Policeman investigation is informed, small Lan Yijia is Hunan Lai Binjiang works. Mother and two daughters go to work in some furniture factory together. Late on April 16, 3 people come off work come home, mother and young daughter sleep early. Small orchid see TV see midnight however at 11 o'clock, just prepare to wash gargle.

The family carries boiled water to room of around boiled water, saw many hot water are used when foot of small Lan Xi, the mother said a few: “ does not use so much hot water, cook a meal with hot water even tomorrow morning. ”

Two people of mother and daughter were troubled by because of this thing rise. The mother was hit with air garment lever small orchid, of fly into a rage small orchid took kitchen knife, abreact the ground is chopped to television screen. Maternal sentence is heavier: You chop “ I. ”

Kitchen knife chopped left shoulder of the mother to go up really. Young daughter sees this manner, the mother's brother that gives rapidly calls, uncle and aunt arrived, send the person that hurt toward the hospital together with young daughter.

Stayed only in the home small orchid. Chop a pillow, chop dress …… after one abreacts, small orchid call to father say to want to return old home. The dress that she wears summer made a package, winter clothes does not want to stay to the mother, with respect to light among them one, still throw the clothes that takes internal heat on the bed subsequently. Made 0:40, she goes out take a taxi, arrived first south the car near the station some hotel. Can “ burn the bed? ” at this moment she just begins fear after the event.

Fear after the event puts in fear after the event 's charge, she came to car west station again, try to win sb's favor afternoon 5 when make go going to the ticket of Changsha. Bank river police has been locked up right now decided small orchid it is a suspect, afternoon 4 when wait 20 minutes in the west station the hall found her. Current, small orchid already by punishment arrest, the case still is in farther cognizance.
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