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Hire room old practice: Encounter such lodger when Wuhan hostess

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My friend is unemployed all the time be in the home, rely on chummage to get along. Interesting is, rental building is old, had seen many lodger, also produced a lot of curious and strange things. We are drinking tea together fortunately on the weekend, she tells the story that had where to happen in her to me. Draw up here come, the hope can be right everybody somewhat enlightenment. (for the story vivid, with the “ in later development my ” points to era my friend, I am only for you report)

Want to buy a cummer of surveillance of appearance of satellitic fixed position

Just live here come in a girl, his boy friend helps her hire the house. Male do not live here. I begin to think is packet of concern that what raises, go because of male settle on age is very old, and the girl is most 20 odd.

One day, look for me maly to want telephone number. Plainspoken, I won't give alien telephone number easily commonly, after all he leases a building, can live a few days to say to forbid, if where day went, also took away my number, if encounter the person of a bad worry, often annoy you, that can be overcome. Suffer never to be seen again of my appoint excuse oneself from, do not think, he cried suddenly. I was psyched out at that time, an old man, before the woman that how can you be to not be familiar with easily to cry?

Original, he is to not be at ease his girlfriend, he wants my number, just want to confirm whether one biddy friend still is maintain contact with other man. Be in a company of Wuhan city suburban district maly to go to work, and female go to work in Wu Chang, two people do not have method to live together temporarily. Had divorced maly, because of wife settle on wealthy person. That paragraph of day, it is the day with his the saddest lifetime. A man was worn green cap, the woman elopes with the person even, his dignity was done not have, the home also was done not have, he is very painful. But he encountered this present girl, he should give his all love.

But, he discovers the girl and not be the girl with an as good as him sincerity, because she follows many boys at the same time all the time,interacting. It is he did not find evidence only. He does not want to be cheated now, if the satellite locates appearance can attend to,he says the girl, he is willing to spend again much money to buy. He does not want to lose this girl, the psychological torment that he suffers is too much.

See him very afflictive, I was forced to give him number. Subsequently, ceaseless wanted on the telephone call. It is normal that he asks him the girlfriend not? Actually, the night after he went that day, have come maly pass the night. Before dawn that when going maly, I just make get up because of the dog see activity, discover that to be male after female serve as a lookout left hurriedly.

I had thought calmly, I cannot report, although I had promised male meeting to tell him a few truths, but I still should explain a method. Later he constant phone me, I say you are not at ease come over to look, had better be in before dawn at 2 o'clock that appearance. But say maly, he should come here, must agree beforehand via the girlfriend. I say, actually, you can think some, not necessary care about so much, if you think really,marry her word later.
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