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Illegal hotel arrogate to oneself changes a room rental woman is naked be issued

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When Wang Mou turns over Mou Mou to be spread subsequently, abrupt nose the moldy odour of ” of dead mice of a few similar “ , the heart knows bad, escape instantly inside house, call the police to the police station appeal. Public security alarm, the member that firemen reachs relieve a sick or injured person makes an appointment with before dawn 4 when reach the spot, firemen turns over cotton-padded mattress of two pieces of beds and a board finally, below the bed store object space discovers female dead, have as a result of cause of death doubtful, follow-up of the member that announcement judicatory police station is sent is investigated.

Large quantities of department alarm murder series and personnel of card of ancient bronze mirror arrive at spot search card, ask a course to the canvass of Wang Mou detailed that report a case to the security authorities.

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