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Illegal hotel arrogate to oneself changes a room rental woman is naked be issued

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According to Macao daily report, one illegal hotel produces Macao new port murder case of ” of naked cadaver of the Tibet end “ bed. A marriageable young woman that comes from Hubei 8 days of before dawn are discovered the whole body is bare below the bed that drop dead is renting a room, the dead's left ankle is pestering the rope of a red white. Corpse is bloated already, preliminary estimation is least and gone 3 days. Because the dead has partial property to lose, a variety of evidence show cause of death has doubtful, department alarm abide disaster kills direction to find out.

The message says, the dead's surname is sought, 20 years old, hold outback passport, hubei person, this month 4 days of ability enter a country Macao. Mou Mou is touched bay the next day, its Hubei relative and the fellow villager that are in Macao lose contact with its, although ever was called for many times, but cannot on contact, till fierce case of 8 days of before dawn is exposed,just know the dead's be murdered.

Department alarm express, the door window of case hair unit destroys a trace without prize, there also is tussle evidence inside house. Because the dead's remains is bloated already, of short duration did not discover the surface has deny bruise, but the ability after true cause of death still needs to wait for a coroner to anatomize is affirmatory.

The spot is in new port happy Jing Ge 6 Lou Mou units, the interval inside house is two rooms formerly one hall, be added to build with board after for 3 rooms the illegal hotel of one hall. The room hires female dead respectively, wang Mou of ” of sister of female dead “ reachs a woman. Outside dividing Mou He king, already took away before concerned woman is early.

Spot message points to, the proneness when the dead is discovered falls in bedplate store object space, body part position presents black purple, be like have struggle evidence, because choke,do not eliminate deadly. Department alarm in card of the search inside house 5 many hours, take away a few edifices that be reached by sheet of make the bed finally the exhibit such as video tape of many closed-circuit television, female dead fellow villager also follows department alarm return bureau hand to investigate.

Resident expresses, the woman that hires case hair unit is “ streetwalker ” mostly, send often have the unit of pass in and out such as person of a lot of without fixed duties, feel very worry. Although ever was complained to concerned unit for many times, but of no help at the thing.

Spot message says, wang Mou of 40 years old received Mou Mou's relative to inform a few days ago, point to lose contact with her, the requirement searchs his to fall for you. Make an appointment with to 8 days of before dawn 3 when half, wang Mou calls public security police station to report a case to the security authorities point to Mou Mou to be missing, fuzz of bureau square clique is investigated to illegal hotel, accompany Wang Mou to enter the room that Mou Mou rents to inspect. Everybody sees be spread to wait for display inside the room at that time all very orderly, also hold the post of He Yi flavour without nose, because do not have any discovery, fuzz receives a team to leave the scene then.
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