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The belle closes hire suffer all kinds of " the look is annoyed " but drive away

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Autumn of the year before last year, my university graduates later Beijing to apply for a job, the job is found very quickly in a foreign enterprise, look is in Beijing is not had close, rent a house only. Rent an one-storey house also 449 yuan, best choice is to close lease a building, beautiful Qianbuduo and cook, bathe, warm oneself the problem can be solved.

I looked for a two-room flat that do not have hall outside always deciding the door, the month hires 1200 yuan, search on the net next add up to the person that hire, want to look for a graduate of college of same sex ——— originally, have the girl of steady income, but did not find all the time appropriate, was forced to pick a boy of 1978 years old when work in big company. I think, can be sure into big company quality is high, and gentle of style of conversation, language of little speech few, about of a pair of gent. Talk about good condition he is moved, begin a few days to still go, meet say hello to, each reply each house, cook who does answer to be done first first. After a few days, I discover he always sees me be in a daze secretly, I see him, he changes a view immediately, staring at me to look with respect to brazenly ground later, see me really wool, especially every time I develop a bath to come out from toilet, he is flat open opens the door, staring at me technically. I dare not am opposite with him inspect, always be sprint type ground runs back to him house. But the word that he dare not say to I cannot accept sell one's own things from beginning to end or with the body deliberate contact annoys me, and very the appearance that be afraid of and contacts.

I am born in a very traditional family, original opposite sex closes hire dare not say with the family member, annoy ” to look of this kind of “ very unaccustomed, I am afraid that he has bad heart, be in every night pillow transfer to a lower level a penknife, it is redundant concern actually. His word is fewer, but “ look remains the same ” , I am overcome really, two months try period one full, I look for an excuse to let him go. When be being faced, he still is staring at me to look to death, I send him to downstair, he is falling to go to still look at me. To today I also am not clear about is my psychology morbid state, still be any girls annoy ” to all tolerate hard to his look “ .

I looked for chummage of a girl again two months, feel girl job is more, narrow-minded, love gains extra advantage by unfair means, call a dozen a hour, I feel embarrassed remind her, because I pay a phone fee (she is responsible for a task unit until it is completed 30 yuan) ; Her risk one's life needlessly uses the thing with operable kitchen, dividing, she but economical. Try period hind drove away her again.

I looked for boy of a Beijing on the net again, the person is very optimistic and honest, greatly square square, the home is in a suburb, he readily an eldest sister, still love to take care of a person to help a person especially, say me one person is outer not easy, to sought many data that I am badly in need of, bring …… of small jujube, walnut to me from the home but it is two defect, I do not tolerate. It is smoking, one receives, I close house door also use without giving thought to, flavour of smoke of from morning till night comes loose not to go out, choke gets me afflictive. I say for fun, you must pay me loss fee, he laughs laugh come to an end, a few day hind are unaltered smoke so fierce.
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