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The undergraduate closes the romantic old practice that hire: Think you can pull

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I call “ Chen Hao, this year 21 years old, student of Wu Dasi grade, celibate, without friend of close opposite sex. Because do not wish to bear too much come from a family manacle, leave home to be resided alone so. Fear a person again too too doleful, look for one man and me to live together now, this man needs to have a few sense of humor, word need not too much, stature wants tall, household is repaired with cleanness when in order to extend proficiency in a particular line. If you do not have problem of dispute of too much men and women, also sufficient financing pays 300 yuan room every months fee, call please: ×××××××× . ”—— this is a “ that I publish on some newspaper search person ” advertisement, because fear to be discovered those who ascend to be me by others, then, I let a newspaper office take a telephone call, next they inform me again.

I was holding newspaper in both hands to read aloud several times, call every day almost go asking, but the result is same: Unmanned make inquires, otherwise is disagreement condition.

This thing is long pull pendency, let me always feel what to blocking up in the heart like, quite afflictive.

Eventually one day, the newspaper office makes a telephone call, saying have to suit, do not cross feeling of contact of the contact in phone of preexistence of requirement of the other side. I say to be no problem.

“ is fed, hello! Be Chen Hao? ” phone is a very euphonic male voice that.

“ is right, I am Chen Hao, are you? I make ” a bit composed, answer antrum path.

“ hero not asks one's previous experience, since ancient times poor early n/COL the head of a family —— is issueing ’ of ‘ Tang Ren, think young lady of your a thousand pieces of gold is satiate maintaining, come a what close lease advertisement, still can play really. ”

I did not pull “ again you come! ” I am a little ill-affected.

“ does not have method, I do not want to come originally, be oneself fly to heart only! Alas, hua Taixiang! Did not think of honey was not being collected, plunging into thorn first, how to do? ” , look this fellow still is held out can of Kan.

I give “ an injection you are carried slowly. ”

Him “ is carried can be afraid of ache, should you help me? ”

My consideration considers “ , this young lady is not tender very irratable, be afraid that you are overcome. ”

Does “ foretaste try? ”

“ , when do you come? ”

“ tomorrow afternoon! ”

such, the tool that restricted this each to call “ Tang Ren ” meets in new residence doorway, not be afraid that he becomes stray kid in the future so.

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