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Close rent a house in I this foolish feminine man and another man break sleeve

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Today is I am moved, I am in mark is made heavily on notebook. Live together with me, one is my boy friend, one is the boy friend of my boy friend. Can you feel too too absurd?

Leo is I send what know to going up in vogue a year ago, he grows very handsomely, heavy large small hole, be good at large is lofty, appearance can be rivalled with star simply. I seduce him actively, we played too madly that day, end hind already was midnight, meaning of new friend of a few conversable still was not used up, made an appointment with go K song. Before him, I resemble first awakening of love little girl unexpectedly general and abrupt was gifted super strong performance desire, festively singing and dancing, drink a finger-guessing game tells ……Leo of the Eight Diagrams to notice me accordingly. Tell the truth, on the ave, I also am lead pretty later tall the sort of, hunter theres is no lack of beside, but the likelihood is my more captious cause, did not encounter all the time gratified. So, can you imagine the sort of passion becomes silent long already the feeling when be being waked up next? Do not consider on missish.

Valedictory moment, leo puts forward actively to say to want suitable path to send me to come home. That offers, the concern that allows us produced the change of materiality. I had come up against a few men before, send do not agree to start engine tardy however downstairs, grinning cheekily ground asks to whether can ask him to go upstairs sit. It is generally such the first time meet to want to take person petty gain, that appointment can be the last time. A lot of people say I look very Open, but actually, open is mixed is different casually. My in one's heart is very conservative, because of the situation that this can'ts bear so when body sink, make me unwell, be agitated, feel disturbed.

Of course, leo is very the man of gent, send me to the doorway to look at me to go upstairs he just leaves. At that time already is early morning, I bathed to make up to hurry to go to work, he comes home sleep. Leo does not have formal job, it is the part-time job is done only at ordinary times make model, day has a holiday namely when was not being received alive.

After establish love concerns, I persuade Leo a few times to seek a steady job, he always is very compliant ground promises to come down, can find out however to finally by every means reason evade. The money that Leo relies on a part-time job to earn is not little, also cross be used to slack life, do not suit face 9 evening the normal rhythm of 5. Besides this, we interact one year to come and had had no other conflict. He is very good to me, be willing to part with or use spends money intention to think of on my body, disposition also magnanimouses softly, not dispute I from time to time disagreeable and rampant. The thing that he does reluctance not to wish to do, the original idea of far nonego, the thing that apply for a job, also so ended up with nothing definite.

Our feeling develops very smoothly. At first the good friend still reminds me to say favorably, the thing of participate of a third party impossible to defend effectively, want me not to loosen vigilance, look at male friend of my handsome young man well. However very those who let me be at ease is, leo never the business that what allows be puzzled of popular feeling be suspicious happens. His life has the law very much, not start working is fixed in the home. Adding up to those who lease a building with him also is a handsome boy, thin thin high, very comely, it is a network engineer. Leo is Shanghai person, parents is in he very the hour leaves other, established a family again severally later. Say according to him, 20 years old when he leaves home to live alone, mix nowadays parents also is only now and then contact.
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