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Super without fine! Beautiful girl and the photograph close diary that hire room

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I this year 23 years old, in December, my Mom says with me her unit staff wants to introduce a boy or girl friend to me, as it happens is mixed in those days I male friend parts company, promised to see so.

Met with that person that day, my Mom says that individual with me at that time 1.72, but those who see is most have 1.68 meters. The face with very thin looks, wearing a glasses, the place of the long mustache on the face is bice, of mustache shave clean, that skin of long mustache is that color. Can't help sink in the heart. What although male without me friend is long,mom says this person is handsome, but disposition is very good, working may as well. Or via living of mom persuade, agreed.

Date for the first time, make an appointment with me to go to see a movie, (kongfu) make an appointment with looked at 3 o'clock afternoon, arrived cinema, two people are done begin to look, apparent he drank wine midday, I ask: “ you drank “ . His demur does not say, stretch the mouth to breathe out toward the place of my nose, very disgusting, my within an inch of is gone. . . . . . Bearing saw the movie, dark, he takes me went a hemp is hot very hot have a meal. Wanted two bowls of hemp hot very hot, altogether 4 yuan of money. He still asks me, at ordinary times do you come to the ground does booth eat? I say: Also come with the friend occasionally. From now on, date every time even if hemp is hot iron and fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour.

Arrived on the weekend, father calls me to take him to come to my home have a meal. Transient fruit spreads out, he says I buy bit of fruit. Follow then sell fruity to say, want the orange of 3 money, the banana of 5 money. I am dizzy! Eat a fruit to also be done not have in him home at ordinary times such. The orange that sells fruity to say became much of 5 wool money, he still was taken actually, say: Be about of 3 yuan of money went.

Hey, say honest, that bottle of dry Bai Ye that in me the home drank that day had 80 money, true get angry. Went to my home he sees is father cooks, clear away, when eating me to send him, he says, I have time to want to talk with your pa well, how can be in charge front courtyard Fu male! Talking mood is to look down on my pa very. I think he thinks my pa does not have the job possibly at that time. Then, he says: Which does “ your pa go to work? I say “ : “** bureau. Quite far from my home. He says “ , oh, stay in the office does the car go to work? Mood is contemptuous very.

My fire came up. My pa is a director, those who sit is special, not be regular bus! But I did not say I am done not have necessary tell him me to pa is a director. Because I look,come out he very utility. Date for the first time with him, 10 words are 8, our section chief. . Our section chief. . Then I say to him: Yes, my pa stays in the office car.

A few days when had had shop with him, a when he values more than 100 yuan 3 dress. Prepare to buy then, when taking money, look to did not take money, then I say I have, then I am taking my bank card, delimited to him. The following day, he comes to my home, when wanting, take out money to want to return from purse I, I say politely, need not. He says to did not say to fill in again directly repeatedly his purse, still grunting in the mouth: Does “ still have such good work?
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