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Add up to the desire that hires MM to bathe not to lock up the door to let me to

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A person lives two house are too wasteful, I am one ruffian, search then close hire, the condition is very simple: Lone MM, house face is discussed. Hey! You are guessed was opposite, I think a house and physiology problem were solved together namely! Be the man meets what think so, I am not hypocritical person, I am so directer, dare to face oneself demand, because I am a normal man! Must not laugh at me.

You still never mention it, the person that will see a room is quite much still, but in front a few are rejected by me, because I do not want to become nightmare in the evening, in “ interview ” after a few pass I am gutty really and acedia, till the occurrence of small Yuan. Write down so that I was going to work that day, the individual calls to me the room that says to want to hire me, I did not think more, promise to be able to see a room at 7 o'clock in the evening.

I had not returned the home that girl had arrived, meet for the first time gutty meet the feeling that hates evening, the northeast flavour of a dense, sound quite kind. Nevertheless the person grows very comelily, unlike northeast person. This girl mouth is very sweet, typical enthusiastic and northeast person, of elder brother of hand-hold portable telephone call ceaseless, make my heart is beautifully put.

See a room this northeast wife that calls small Yuan is very satisfactory, I am very satisfactory also to her condition, then small Yuan handed in deposit to be about to be moved the following day, just know her miserable experience later, disregard for favorite man tramp over hill and dale objects in the home, make a difficult journey will to this look for beloved man, but did not think of this man lives together with another woman however, and she also comes home without the face, can stay in this to leave her painful town first only, the misfortune of really sad person is same, happy person has each happiness each.

This girl is very good get along, typical northeast person, just came two days we are very ripe, she is very impolite, completely undeserved oneself are alien. She did not work temporarily, I lend her my jotter, let her go up in the home everyday get online, cast send resume. She becomes computer completely oneself, she can do delicious northeast red carbonado to me, I do not look completely to give her is the woman that just is lovelorn.

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