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Close hire I 17 years old am that in the room " Lothario " be delivered of a dau

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“ mom, mom! Come quickly! ” little girl is admiring sweet smiling face, extend both hands to act like a spoiled child ground VIP is held in the arms, two bound feet exert all his strength the ground is worn in the stamp one's foot on the ground. Very difficult imagination at the moment this 20 come year old, still showing a childish woman all over, already was a mother of 4 years old of children unexpectedly. Beautiful jade says calmingly, after “ leaves him, I just understand what I want after all truly, it is price is high only some are cruel. I use 5 years of the woman's most precious youth to understand all these, I do not regret, important is I had regained consciousness. But the daughter is so young lose a whole family, what can you take to make up for again? ”

I regard him as “ Lothario ”

“ baby! Do you know, it is that eyes, a bit a bit scared, stubborn, stay in my brain all the time. I think wherefrom moment begins me to had liked to go up you ……” later, every time when this thing since peak memory, total meeting giggle wears beautiful jade say: I am opposite “ but your the first impression is abysmal, think you are big Lothario ……” is in at least at that time, beautiful jade did not think of they still meet everything what what encounter again and produce later.

In the memory of beautiful jade, elementary school and junior high school are almost moving ceaselessly and loaf about in transfer those who spend. Elementary school transfer two, junior high school 3, often mix with class classmate in a way some riper, must clear away book to reach another new school, face another group of unfamiliar teachers and students. As time passes, beautiful jade had been used to the sort of living randomly flow from the life.

First 3 graduation that day, beautiful jade is being carried on the back alone greatly baggage bag, by go up the bus of the railway station. “ pa Mom divorced, father went, mom wants remarry another person, and take an examination of in me one's deceased father broke ……” to perhaps be in this paragraph of time in the past, beautiful jade is already sad for many times, tear became luxury already. This, she did not cry, it is dye-in-the-wood disappointment only. Beautiful jade feels happy he still has so courage of a tiny bit wants take flight, I must leave “ this frozen city, reach a new place, who don't I know, everybody does not know my place, go breathing fresh air. ”

On the car, the bag on left shoulder of beautiful jade debus is taken, before pulling the bag demandingly the bosom, want to draw out bit of pocket money to buy ticket from lateral pocket. Suddenly, the bag is held in the palm by person firm quietly, I help “ you! ” matures the man's sound, I am holding “ in the palm, you are taken. ” beautiful jade has not enough time to be surprised, draw out 5 horn money quickly at the same time, at the same time this “ before ground of fix eyes on stares at have sth in mind is officious the man of ” . “ I can not be Lothario oh! I just see you hold out hard look, want to help you. ” is apparent, man by her straight straight eyes was psyched out, explain hastily rise. Dan Lin a bit not feel grateful, becoming him only is guilty, confess without being pressed. After all, beautiful jade is in that way comely but the person's schoolgirl, the opposite sex strikes up a conversation is very common thing.
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