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Young married woman of no use ill will a husband is reduced inside abandon onese

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Pour out a person: Chang Kejian

Male 28 years old of chef

Time: On July 21, 2008

Chang Kejian one face anxiety. Go out in him between Wu time limit for a project, his wife is reduced 3 accompany female. After be informed this circumstance, he nots hesitate break one's promise, resign the other place works, return a wife beside, the hope rescues a wife through his effort. However, wife however obstinately stick to a wrong course.

Husband and wife of poor and lowly

Spring 2003, cummer is small red tell me she is pregnant, how to ask I do? Ordinarily I should lose a responsibility to come. But, real pressure lets me cannot make any commitment. Have no alternative under, I am obliged to appeal to parents, hope they can borrow money to give small red become an operation. Cannot think of, parents not only very happy instead without life, they before small red face says: “ becomes what operation, marry to be not become? ” is small red nod rapidly. such, 3 their people decided marriage come down.

When marrying, we are almost penniless. The house rents, deposit does not have half minutes, small red do not have complaint however. I believe, at that time, small red love me. After the child is born, our life is have too many problems to deal with more, to make a bit money more, I decide to go to Guangzhou working.

This goes, it is 4 years. Because of working characteristic, I come back one year 3 times two at most. During this, small red often call to me, write a letter, enjoin me to be not puzzled by the place of the dazzling human world with its myriad temptations outside. I know very well, she it is not easy that a person is in Wuhan, so, besides living cost, I return all money Wuhan, hope she and child can have passed.

Dangerous signal

My progress in Guangzhou is not great, flounder changed ten cafeteria, salary does not see improvement all the time. Gradually, small red had complaint, often say before me, zhang San's husband got rich, old liter duty of Li Si, “ I how so hapless, followed your so trashy man. ” the time that she wants money to me is increasing also. Want me to refuse only, she with respect to have a fit, scold my good-for-nothing, not be a man, raise even wife child not vivid.

A day, the mother calls to me, ask I know not to know small red what doing recently, she already half an year did not come home visit a daughter. After the daughter is one year old, small red send my parents the home her. Maternal long-winded: “ living cost also does not give, do not know you prepare how to be done! ” my heart sank cereal bottom. This paragraph of time, small red what doing after all? Where did money go?

Disregard the boss' opposition, I asked for leave. Former marriage room, kin calls in already. These a few years, small red lease a building everywhere, every time I come back, she can give me new address. However that, her anyway does not agree, press his suit in me below, she agreed eventually.
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