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Rented house before dawn wears briefs to be dragged forcibly only by forced rele

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On August 29 before dawn, chen Feng's couple encounters the long abundant county that hires team of villager of big capital of the State of Chu Jing fetch one act: In sleeping soundly they are slept lightly by a sound breaking the door, young people of 229 “ bareheaded ” that hold bludgeon develop house inside, demur did not say what wear briefs only they are dragged from the bed, frame take an around a house owned by a citizen inside. After about 20 minutes, the building that they lease is destroyed by grab, the utensils inside is buried in remains entirely. Current, police already got involved investigation.

Fetch of before dawn Jing: ” of numerous “ bareheaded holds bludgeon to break the door to enter room

According to Introduction Chen Feng, he and wife suppliance the other side give a few minutes of their time to move the thing inside house at that time, but was rejected flintily by this group of person. After about 20 minutes, chen Feng's couple was put, the house that right now Chen Feng's couple rents already was torn open one most, the room already became a remains. The room that Chen Feng rents makes the old person that pass silver. Yesterday morning, the reporter sees in the spot, this a house owned by a citizen already became a remains. Outside be being broken besides the room that Chen Feng's couple rents, the room that makes the wife of brother's son that pass silver apply Xin Yan to live also is bungled to destroy, there still is future to must reach the TV that moves, sound box to wait in remains. “ I also am dragged from the bed by them, the child was frightened to cry. ” Shi Xinyan recollects a scene at that time to still have bit of fear after the event.

To Chen Feng the room should pass 3 doors. The reporter sees, 3 doors were destroyed. A iron gate is levered outside, inside two sleeper door by kick bad. “ this group of person is too fierce, a mobile phone that a lodger hand goes up also is broken bad by them. ”

Incident makes progress: Police already got involved investigation

Person of development trade group does “ this affirmation! ” landlord Xu Chuanyin says furiously to the reporter, on July 31, development business ever undertook negotiation with respect to the problem that tear open change with them, but both sides did not reach unanimous opinion. “ too unreasonable, also do not inform beforehand, at dead of night broke the house. ”

Receive after calling the police, triumphal district police station is on duty policeman Zhang Fan hurries to the spot. Introduce according to Police officer Zhang, he arrives when the spot, the person that breaks a house already decamp. Wait for the condition that the person reflects according to landlord, they are preliminary suspicion is to develop business to send a person to be bungled, but had not confirmed at present, because develop the mobile telephone of business,close all the time machine, he has not been contacted with development business. Subsequently, the reporter will develop the office that business is in, discover office door tightens a lock.
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