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Hire lift in the room cut want marital life to confront a cruel wife by accident

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The member that Sichuan will lay a worker repeatedly because Ms. Sun is suspicioused by marital for no reason and produce contradiction with its, beat up in what suffer the man hind, ms. Sun felt a shears to prick the husband. Did not think of this prick, the husband sent an order actually, ms. Sun also is sentenced with harming a blame intentionally by the court severe punishment.

Ms. Sun and husband work together from Sichuan, two people are in column of horse of sanded bayou area child one belt hires a room to live, ms. Sun is in a factory charge for the making of sth. . Marital Li Mou suspiciouses wife and other have shocking concern, two people produced quarrel for this, granddaughter morale must move unit workingwoman dormitory to live for some time.

On August 4, 2006, li Mou realized him suspicion is too serious, phone a wife to let her come home. That evening 9 when make, ms. Sun comes home, the husband prepared wine, meal, make an apology to her, make peace of two people handclasp. 2 people of husband and wife eat and drink at night 11 when make, ms. Sun says she works quite tired want to sleep, li Mou resents for this, said a few offensive words. Ms. Sun answered a few on the spot, li Mou says the wife is owed beat, the leg that does a slipper face wife is hit, the leg of Ms. Sun is hit green. Those who sufferred the man dozen, ms. Sun is urgent also eye, stretched his hand to felt a scissors to be pricked toward marital body on sewing machine in darkness, throw away shears prepares to sleep next. Li Mou turns on electric lamp, crying to call a wife to boil, ms. Sun puts on the dress to left the home to go to the unit.

The following day before dawn time, medium the Li Mou of the knife wants to go to a hospital, fall on the ground to cannot be moved when the stair outside taking the door played. Later, neighbour discovered Li Mou, signed up for alarm.

Through investigation, the wife grandson lady that police decides the dead's Li Mou is a suspect. That day morning, police arrested Ms. Sun in the unit, ms. Sun pricks marital fact to admit to oneself. Through appraisal of legal medical expert, cut of cutaneous of Li Mou left bosom fastens shears disclose thorn to form, and Li Mou raises burst to cause acute massive haemorrhage to die because of falling before left lung burst and coronary artery are left.

Court of Dalian city intermediate people tries this case to maintain, ms. Sun injures another person intentionally because of domestic trivial matters, cause person death, make intended harm crime. Counsel for the defence puts forward, bilateral party is husband and wife, although consequence is serious, but Ms. Sun is subjective and malign reach a society to endanger a gender not quite, admit one's guilt the mood is good, can punish lightly, the court gives to this support. This year in March the last ten-day of a month, city quadrangle first instance sentences Ms. Sun set term of imprisonment 15 years.