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Hire room old practice: The narrow-minded in my memory but kind-hearted landlord

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The landlord in impression always is contacted together with Mrs “ ” , when such saying, short and stout, laugh ah ah always have small as the head of a fly of a bit dispute again however Xiaoli's woman be vividly portrayed, raise a cat to raise a dog, brushing pink, dress to sleep gown, that pair is good at peeping eye, in upstairs and downstair parent short, do not escape to cross the eyes of her swift and fierce. I am the novel that enters Zhang Ailing by accident it seems that, of old Shanghai woman the portion is astute, then ritzy come with elegant blow on the face, let me overlook a courtyard temporarily unexpectedly outside of the driveway blatant.

I ever also had had a paragraph of brief experience that rent a house, landlord is one grows thick short middleaged woman. She stays in the home all the day, raised two dogs, sitting room, kitchen is done to get chaos, sending out bad taste. Every time I had crossed caboodle to be in of the doorway countless sundry, hide into oneself fossa, she begins to beat my door: Remember blacking out next time, water machine cannot leave too long oh. The most terrible still is her the eyes of that pry, many times I wash gargle in toilet, she bent over to look again on a crack between a door and its frame unexpectedly, urge ceaselessly: good, good? Stare at my backbone is continuously hair is cool, get my head bind round like a the Incantation of the Golden hoop closely. At this moment I remember Zhou Xing suddenly gallop the film " kongfu " the mother-in-law of that v/arc rent land or a house for subletting in, one howl, can get person shock have one's body smashed to pieces. That is a noisy big miscellaneous courtyard, staying in always is the landlord madam that holding root cigarette and one swarm resident, it is perpetual brawl forever: Husband and wife quarrels, the child is beaten and scold cry for, the talkative be mingled with of the enmity of neighborhood, carline is worn cat dog fight noisely, the person of different age, different identity, disparate arrangement of ideas is by extruding in a cramped space, peep, miserly, acerbity, diaphragmatic backside conceal is worn how many selfishness, poor, pinch and but.

Still have a story, the character has two only, old lady of a landlord, a little girl, in the process that hires a room to get along, they formed the lose is long already connection between a kind of person and person, the film " we two " the deserted pallet siheyun that told about old lady of an orphans and widows to live all one's life, in the winter that snow of a wind accompanies each other, rush into the girl that comes to to seek abode, her arrival brings change to this space, the life of the old person began to have Thespian color, but the old person needs order, before the old person, this girl is a person that often fouls before, the old person has a lot of contraindication, let her each pace all has an obstacle. Pass in and out of fire of fire of wind of little girl wind, the old lady sits up before house look up and down silently, time goes every day, in lifecycle, the relation of two people appears sublimate, arrive to be shown loving care for each other from mutual repulsion, vigilance, generation friendship, have some of false appearance that should depend on each other it seems that, but the girl is destined to want,go, should continue oneself contrail and life, she is sure should leave this siheyun, she is a brief passing traveller only, her departure, let an old person the hope of the sort of arise suddenly alls gone. Their affection happens as the four seasons, grow, mature, disappear, left sadness finally, also left the does not go impress of a few drive.
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