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Does the opposite sex close who to hire to have to had seen so dirty man?

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Stem from the consideration that reduces the economic respect such as charge of electricity of hire, water, or it is to stem from reduce the alone feeling, need that increases the psychological respect such as safe feeling, many gens that rent a house chose to close with the person hire, among them still many people chose to close with the opposite sex hire. Close with others is hiring good bad still? To such problem, believe everybody can have different result. Hire time the rain that the netizen “ of garden of Yu samite zoology basks ” has a paragraph not quite flexibly experience.

The original poster sends a word: Meet a shameless person

The rain that netizen “ basks did ”2 release 5 days month the name is " close hire story ——— who has seen so bold-faced person? " card, all count oneself and opposite sex to add up to the person that hire between a variety of stories that must say, it is the cento of this card below:

First time understanding adds up to Wang Mou of the person that hire is to be at the beginning of November 2006, when with us a collective friend eats a late food, know. Await in those days, we are a person hires a room to live severally, the friend offers I am inferior to closing together with him had been hired, everybody not only have a coordinate, also can save a few cost.

Two people looked for a two bedrooms eventually, smooth spread out hire, cash pledge and intermediary are expended. I was moved on December 23 last year, because he is away on official business, wholesome edge is done to arrange a thing by the side of me, still helped also do the sanitation of his room. Add the business that mat of go to bed, curtain, water heater and gas burner transform, I full do sth over and over again a week just gets weigh in hand. He has been away on official business at that time came back, and go to work around, but he is right this be indifferent to sth, I also was not at ease at that time go up, still went opening cable television.

After doing well all things in me, he moved in. He sees my TV effect is close friends than his TV, say to want to be changed with me, I agreed. Ask when him I have not redundant by the heart when, I also was used to him. His thing Bao soup with me, cook, I am being borne calculated. such, it is live in peace with each other passed a few days. Contradiction erupts only then at he is so called during new year's day a girlfriend comes over from Chengdu.

Just returned the home on January 2, I discover I cook, the thing of Bao soup was not arranged good euqally, connecting a bowl is dirty. The snacks that I buy only remnant, only sweet pear is brave also sacrifice. I ask him not to change my thing casually. Then, the water charge of electricity that he says every months also does not make the same score booth with me, because he is met,be away on official business. I say to want him not to change my thing only, water and electricity expends me to be able to hand in more.

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