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The opposite sex closes hire let me suffer all kinds of harm he is engaged to le

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Its happening is a story forever on others body, happening on him body to just know is painful. For be economical, I and an unfamiliar opposite sex leased a building jointly. Later, I fell in love with him, did not think of to let him abandon however the aspirations that ……” claims the reader of the girl ” with sad “ poured out her.

Close for be economical opposite sex hire

My native place is in Jinan, 3 years ago, I and a boy that know on the road will to Qingdao work. In Qingdao I do not have close friends, can hire a house to live only, in the begining I want to lease a building, but the price is hired too high do not rise. That boy says to look for an individual to close it is cheaper to hire. It is a bit better that I want to seek a female meeting, but the scope that seeks a room so is much less, arriving after Qingdao is to live in hotel, did not find appropriate room all the time. Later, I understand a lot of opposite sexes add up to the phenomenon that hire, without method, I two be forced also such.

That boy calls Xiao Fei (alias) , the home is He lustre, bigger than me 6 years old, grow OKly still. Passed a few days, I discover Xiao Fei likes me quite, but I am not cold to him not hot, the age because of him is old too. At ordinary times we often are helped each other, what for instance he lives is take the balcony that, he lets me liberally dry the clothes to the balcony, and I also heat crock water for him sometimes, we became in the course of contacts friend.

Amative hind often quarrels

Osculatory time grew, also have certain knowledge each other, xiao Fei chases after me actively. I feel although his this individual is not romantic, but without unhealthy addiction, also be the person of a deal with concrete matters relating to work, I was accepted. Perhaps compare my big reason because of Xiao Fei, he is very favorite I. Subsequently, we lived together.

Begin us to be together very happy, the cause after arriving at me two salary are not high, end also is compared in his home, and the life is reality, we had contradiction slowly. We often talk about painting and calligraphy of musical instrument chess together before, turned fuel sauce vinegar into tea later, of the life short of money make we often produce conflict. We live not easily originally, his kin often still comes here to live, more make our one disaster after another. Leave them as a result of my home over there too far, xiao Fei's family is afraid of to he does not follow after me, also object us interacting.

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