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Area of exposed to the sun

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Room source labels: 268286 cities: Area of beautiful Mu Si: Area of exposed to the sun
Sexual distinction: Male hire valence: 200 yuan / month
Oneself state: I do not have room property type: Average house
(Hope) area: Be indifferent to
(Hope) room: 1 room 0 hall 1 defend head: - -
Floor: Floor area: 60 ㎡
Decorate a circumstance: Clothbound
Infrastructure: Broadband of cable television of washing machine of water heater of central heating of water and electricity
Traffic situation:

Contact: Yue Xiaoyu connects a telephone call: 13555595509
Email: Mobile phone: 13504645474
Active day counts: 10 days register date: 2008-10-22 14:47:00
Remarks: Oneself are lone and individual manage often be away on official business outer