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Children park

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Room source labels: 246016 cities: Area of beautiful Mu Si: Ongoing area
Sexual distinction: Female hire valence: 300 yuan / month
Oneself state: I have room property kind: Average house
(Hope) area: Children park
(Hope) room: 1 room 0 hall 1 defend head: - -
Floor: The 8th floor area: 60 ㎡
Decorate a circumstance: Clothbound
Infrastructure: Water and electricity is gas / cable television of washing machine of TV of furniture of natural gas central heating
Traffic situation:

Contact: Bright and beautiful sincere building intermediary connects a telephone call: 8202114
Email: Mobile phone: 15804545327
QQ: 304257490 MSN:
Active day counts: The long-term and effective date that register: 2008-9-6 7:34:00
Remarks: The door austral children park, female of 60 square action closes 8 buildings hire new building new clothes to build door of guard against theft, sound accuses the lamp, ark of double bed coat, compound floor, washing machine TV, cabinet is provided, live into house, 300/ month, bag water and electricity can cook