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Room key is hired on the net

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The house is rented on the net, it is a kind of new way that rent, as the development of the network, very fast by young the person that rent a house is accepted. The house is rented on the net quick, be economical, intermediary hires room safety to have safeguard, through the argue of period of time, room and the advantages and disadvantages that look for intermediary to rent a house are hired to also appear gradually on the net before everybody --

Close first: Odds ratio goes all out
What the room hires to enjoy on the net is quick
As a kind of burgeoning means that rent, the room is hired to rely on the advantage of Internet on the net, convenient and quick, information content big, time is optional the gender is strong. Because do not have intermediate link, the be economical when the province, understanding information is detailed, facilitate clinch a deal.
Relative to character, the advantage that seeks intermediary to rent a house is apparent also.

Intermediary hires what the room gets is a service
Look for intermediary traditionally to rent a house, what intermediary offers is from seek advice, see a room, clinch a deal, the whole journey after carry out serves, intermediary identifies to 2 of information, complete contract has legal effect, for whole trade provide safe safeguard. Additional, the intermediary company that has actual strength has interconnection of local area network, incorrect grandfather opens information reserve is much, honester, for instance information of memory of high-quality goods home is in basically 1000 above, choice room of the client is big, can raise a house not only, optional still price is likely, although do not have suitable room source, intermediary can be recommended according to demand give advice of the client. Besides can control debt, the solution that discharge care is difficult outside, in sign the problem such as consign of cash pledge of contract, collection, hire to go up, the part that intermediary company acts is head and shoulders above the limits of bagman. In intermediary here rents a house, what the client enjoys is a service.

The advantage is comparative
Room process is hired in intermediary in, client and intermediary are a kind face-to-face straight face communication, because this is successful rate is higher, alternative stronger. Under photograph comparing, although the room is hired to be saved quickly again already on the net, it is the renting means of a kind of rare, but client and house-owner lack are contacted directly, fictitious composition is much, dependability is poor. And the behavior of individual of behavior pure department on the net, a series of safe problems have to consider.

The 2nd bout: Inferior position comparing goes all out
Room risk is hired on the net big
The photograph is old to the information content on the net, interest of the authenticity difference of its information, heavy reply is much. Because do not have objective can identify way, give illegal member with an opportunity given by, the harm that causes possibly to the client is more immediate. Additional, the optional sex of the network is strong, a lot of non-standard intermediary companies use this to plant more advanced, more concealment deceive people means, the opportunity grow in quantity that makes the client is deceived. The house is rented on the net, once produce issue, the client obtains evidence very hard and safeguard rights and interests.
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