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Unscramble a building to rent regulation

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Ms. Zhang passes intermediary company bear rented one flatlet house, signed with company of house-owner, intermediary rent period the contract for 3 years, the rent that paid a year beforehand at the same time and intermediary are expended in all 15 thousand yuan. But house of Ms. Zhang firm occupy, the wife of house-owner looks for her, ask she is moved instantly. Reason is, the house is husband and wife shares belongings, the husband rents the building does not have those who pass her to agree. For this piece the lady looks for lessor, but lessor already did not know whereaboutldirection. Original house-owner husband and wife is making a divorce, bring about rental building opinion skimble-scamble. Can Ms. Zhang still lease such building?

Expert viewpoint
Basis " urban house rents administrative measure " the 6th regulation, mutual building did not obtain what mutual person agrees to must not rent. Accordingly, the house that Ms. Zhang place signs rents a contract to disable, the renting fee that pays beforehand ought to be recovered. According to our country " contract law " the 425th regulation, intermediary company ought to assume responsibility to this.
Use at hack building to must have 3 card, namely the building that police station nucleus of the property right card that nucleus of room canal branch sends, place sends rents bureau of house property of safe certificate of approval, Beijing to unite printed building to rent licence.

Beg hire a hotspot
Beg hire a person when renting a house, should see house property card and house-owner id card, if lessor is not house-owner, outside dividing Id, beg hire a person to still should all alone read house-owner a power of attorney, beg hire a person to had better be contacted with house-owner, affirm the property right position of the building. After the contract that rent is signed, tenant should go instantly room canal branch is registered put on record. Otherwise, register the building that put on record and produces issue to rent a contract because of was not being dealt with, once go to law< , often can be maintained to be invalid contract, rent square responsibility of breach of contract can be absolved, and the interest of tenant cannot get effective protection however.

Relevant link
Basis " urban house rents administrative measure " the 6th regulation, 9 kinds of buildings cannot rent.

9 kinds of buildings cannot rent
(One) did not acquire building property lawfully of card;
(2) judiciary and executive authority ruling, decision closes down or restrict benefit of room land ownership with other form lawfully;
(3) mutual building did not obtain mutual person to agree;
(4) authority is belonged to open to question;
(5) belong to illegal architectural;
(6) do not accord with safe level;
(7) already mortgaged, agree without hypothec person;
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