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Look for a person to close before hiring, make some of preparation!

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If you do not think picky, close before hiring, make some of preparation!
  1 . Close it is good to hire both sides to should decide beforehand the apportion scale of all sorts of charge, needless clash produces after lest close,be being hired.

  2. The girl should maintain the dignity of oneself and sober attitude especially. Because with the passing of time is familiar with,do not arise depend on psychology.

  3. Do not interfere the privacy of the other side casually.

  4. Wearing too informal or too cruel dew discrepancy sitting room or public place, esteem the other side also respects him.

  5. Had better make preparation of a few meet an emergency, such as tells telephone number beside good friend; If have male girlfriend, must take appear, introduce understanding of the other side; A few more available the friend comes back to get together, welcome the other side to join in.

  6. One person is when room or toilet, remember closing certainly, when sleeping, Wu locks up the door surely.