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Fresh and interesting new cohabitational interview

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Open computer, enter landed net, enter the supply and demand that hire carry out, enter to register: Real full name, address, connect a telephone call, e-mail. Begin to describe this house next: 40 square metre, one room one hall, take a telephone call, have water heater, washing machine and simple furniture. Close hire a boy or girl friend: The men and women is not restricted. Describe oneself hobby: Literature, film, music. Object requirement: Amiable, interest is artistic, substantive. Click. End.

Before dawn at 2 o'clock, go to bed, curl up is in air conditioning the underside of a quilt, the dwell water that its design is two white and the swan of house, tonight by me one person its warmth. All meetings became good tomorrow, can have a lot of people this house cram.

Early morning begins, ordinal noise has the telephone call, have actor of personage of adman, IT, modern drama, anatomize a doctor... good, order for the purpose of, I arrange interview for you.

10: He wears 00am have " CAT " the rice yellow dust coat of Logo, when taking the door, chronic ground does not take off a shoe, pull me so that glorious imprints according to the person's floor to go up each " the cat is ungual " , impressional cent is sentenced for 0.

"I am person of an advertisement originality, infinite originality lets cerebral cell large quantities of large quantities of brave sacrifice, long to have one halcyon, comfortable private space extremely. My be fond of is of all kinds music, no matter be ethereal subterranean, popular additional kind, classicly still rock and roll, also like volume of large sound box sometimes, let music fill whole space, dan Youwei fears affecting others to rest, accordingly, function of room sound insulation must be close friends some. Function of room sound insulation must be close friends some..

"Sex of here sound insulation is first-rate, be in even if you listen to heavy metal when, I can hear the voice of dog gape. " 2: 00pm can be counted thin like his hair and his age, the balcony me, bedroom, toilet completely perambulatory, next both hands hands in * to sit in me before.

"My individual character is compared eager to do well in everything, optimistic. The interest is very much: ⒖ of Jie of ㄇ of Jia of ⒋ of virtuous  of ⑸ of Jie of hot Qian a side gate of an imperial palace blows Xie dark magpie to take the person of P OF DATE of 鯱 of Ju Huan of short for the Yihe River of W Pie  . Additionally I still can stir-fry very much. Dare not believe white-collar man meets this door craft! Seem to do not have TV here, I have a NATIONAL TV of 88 years, what just go want to withstand with root toothpick when changing channel. OK also nevertheless collect is mixed! OK also nevertheless collect is mixed!!

"You can stir-fry, really good! But didn't you discover I do not have even kitchen utensils and appliances? I am fed up with TV, especially NATIONAL TV, supporting with toothpick, how to explode to do?

5: 00pm is made is professional feature, I as if to see the vital organs of the human body of his sequence of thought of bones and muscles, his surface is genial, but do a job with skill and ease of hide a dagger in a smile.
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