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The opposite sex closes hire ten million to want to admit accurate, know ego to

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A lot of opposite sexes close hire, each other are the friend of understanding, feel a root to try to find out the real intention, the man that believes a lot of females can't well mix not to understand lives together. Do not like the opposite sex to close hire also there are plenty of such people, miss Wang thinks, close with the opposite sex hire too troublesome, must think thrice before you act: It is address of the family that clears up him, job and working property, the 2 capacity that should have extraordinary clairvoyant other moral quality, and should bear male brethren to be not told healthful a lot of bad habits, most those who make a person afraid is, in case give bit of what job, go denouncing justice where, who can believe you again?

Differ with the concern of Miss Wang, mr Zheng says: "Close with the opposite sex lease a building, much a lot of ties, arrived everyday in the home cannot shout, cannot Yao 5 drink 6 ground and friends orgiastic, always want to look at the act of hint given with the eyes of female brethren, do not respect a lady without accomplishment namely otherwise, so my firm closes with the opposite sex anything but hire, of course, of assuming wanting is dare not have more. Of assuming wanting is dare not have more..

The opposite sex closes hire know ego to protect even. The reporter covered a few experts, learned man, they think always jural do not have illicit, it is lawful. Although the opposite sex closes,hire do not calculate break the law, but a lot of experts think or should adj look upon opposite sex closes hire, on one hand the opposite sex closes hiring is pair of traditions " give and accept of male and female is not close " a challenge of Confucianist morality; On the other hand, the opposite sex closes hire also can bring a few negative issues, once suffer a gender,be annoyed or sexual enroach on, seek legal protection to compare difficulty.

Concerned expert adds up to the person that hire to the opposite sex, especially woman one party offerred advice. Close hire both sides to answer beforehand is right charge share scale. The dignity that the girl wants to maintain oneself especially and sober, because with the passing of time is familiar with,do not want, be depended on overly like treating a boy friend or the other side of informal cry out. Do not interfere the privacy of the other side casually. The dress that wearing too informal, sex appeal comes in and go out at sitting room or public place. Had better do a few meet an emergency; Zhui equipment, such as tells telephone number the good friend beside; Come out boy friend belt to appear, introduce understanding of the other side; Available ask a few friends to come back to get together, welcome the other side to join in; One person is when the room, remember closing, the door must be locked up when sleeping.